Retail Brands

Greencross is Australia's largest pet care specialty retail group. Greencross retail offers pet owners access to a network of pet solutions including products, services and knowledgeable advice to offer customers exceptional pet care. Greencross retail objectives are:

  • Providing customers with products; services and advice that they need to become great pet parents.
  • Aiming to make shopping for pets easy by employing and training pet passionate to assist our customers in caring for their pet.
  • Committing to the wellbeing of pets by actively supporting pet adoptions through various charitable shelters and organisations.

The services offered through our retail stores include:

  • Adoption - We promote pet adoption with charity based organisations such as the RSPCA and Lort Smith. 
  • Grooming - Dog wash and grooming facilities in a modern, comfortable and safe environment for your pet. 
  • DIY Dog Wash Centres - Do It Yourself dog wash units conveniently located in selected sites.
  • Hotel - Providing accessible drop off points for your pets.
  • Puppy School - Bringing the best puppy education program to selected sites. 
  • Medibank – Discounted pet insurance for customers who own a dog or cat.
  • Ecommerce – convenience of online shopping




    Established in 1979, Petbarn is the leading specialty pet care retailer in Australia where we operate over 140 stores.

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    Established in 1996, Animates is the leading specialty pet care retailer in New Zealand where we operate over 30 stores. GXL holds its 50% interest in Animates through a joint venture with EBOS Group Limited, a NZX listed health care and animal care provider.

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    City Farmers

    Established in 1971, City Farmers is the leading speciality pet care retailer in Western Australia where we operate over 25 retail stores.

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