Greencross Limited Corporate Responsibility

Greencross Limited recognizes that corporate responsibility is an essential factor to the long term success of our business.  Greencross believes it is important that we adhere to the following principles: 


  • We work hard within the organization to ensure that our carbon foot print is kept to a minimum through programs such as “Greening Greencross” to ensure all our clinics are aware of latest climate safe initiatives.

Integrity and Ethics 

  • We uphold the standards of behavior and service outlined by the respective Veterinary Boards throughout Australia. 
  • We aspire to best practice clinical standards to be upheld in all our practices, including accrediting our practices via an audit program every two years.
  • We maintain a high standard of corporate governance. 
  • We deal fairly with all suppliers, partners, customers and other parties we encounter in our business and we develop productive, co-operative relationships. 
  • We apply and continuously improve our risk management procedures and protocols. 

Our People 

  • We respect human rights and have as our goal to create a work environment that is positive and safe for all employees and ensure optimal service levels are performed. 
  • We have developed a number of policies that set high standards of performance in the following areas: 
    • Personnel Policy 
    • Equal Opportunity Policy 
    • Prevention of Harassment Policy 
    • Work and Life Balance Policy  
  • We are committed to ongoing education and training of our people. 
  • We are committed to developing innovative and stimulating workplaces for our people
  • Health and Safety 
  • We have a Occupational Health and Safety policy and are committed to continuous improvement in this area. 


  • We support the need for our business to have a local community focus and we use local people and local resources wherever possible. 
  • We support local communities in which we work through charitable contributions. 


  • We commit to delivering outstanding corporate performance, delivering value to our clients, returns to our shareholders and prosperity to our people.